SILEANE, a SENSORY ROBOTICS specialist, designs and industrializes ADAPTIVE MACHINES for GESTURE AUTOMATION in RANDOM and real-time contexts.


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  • Catégorie: ASRC member
  • Sectors of application: Agriculture and Food Industry - Environment - Materials - Mechanical engineering - Health, Pharmaceuticals, Bio-industry, Cosmetics - Textiles, Clothing and Leather, Arts, Luxury goods
  • Services provided: Consulting, expertise, training - Prototyping, pilot lots, industrialization - Research and development

About Siléane

– High-speed PICK & PLACE (food, cosmetic and glass industries)
Sileane builds ADAPTIVE MACHINES dedicated to INSPECTING and HANDLING products in continuous flow, whether products are flexible, fragile, natural or of undefined shape.
Most often, the adaptive machines are for high-speed applications (several hundred products a minute) required for sorting, assembling, canning or packaging.
Applications: Composition of homogenous retail units from heterogeneous batches, VISION inspection in
continuous flow – unit compliance of products – aspect, shape, volume, etc., Characterization, classification,
association, Handling by high-speed ROBOTS in continuous flow.
– 3D GESTURE – Gesture Automation and associated processes (SORTING and RECYCLING INDUSTRY)
3D gesture recognition is aimed at reproducing and automating hand gestures based on the visual analysis of
an evolving 3D scene.
Applications: Automation of resetting process, Real-time, trajectory guidance and resetting in space, Machine

Concrete examples of applications

– Filling pies with apples at fixed weight – analysis and placement of 1200 slices/minute with real-time calculation
of placement layout.
– Manufacturing boxes of dates with fixed weight (650 cpm) – grading, associating, packing
– Filling oyster baskets – Optimized filling – oysters laid flat
– Placing fragile and/or sticky sweets (such as calissons) into compartments
– Assembly lines jars: assembly of heterogeneous components with wide range of shapes – glasses, metal wires,
– Guiding lasers on skew surface to reproduce marking based on the position of the part in space
– Cutting process for bananas, one by one, from a bunch – Peeling bananas, etc.


– Postes CAO Mecanique Solidworks
– Bras ROBOTS toutes morphologies (6 axes, Delta, Scara, …)
– Simulateurs Robotique, aide à la decision
– Labo VISION (Optiques, eclairages, caméras, Bibliothèque de traitement, …)
– Outils de développements logiciels, aide à la decision
– Atelier d’assemblage – mise au point