I’m working in a sector of activity where R&D doesn’t exist.

Whatever your sector of activity, there is always an R&D solution that will allow you to improve the quality of your products, your processes or your organization.


I’m working in a highly specialized sector of activity.

Our members include 2500 highly qualified engineers from all sectors. Their interdisciplinary competencies can be applied to several sectors: for example, an RTO mastering microencapsulation can play a role in food processing as well as in health and cosmetics.


Performing R&D activities is costly and long.

With 20 years of experience on average and over 4000 industrial research contracts per year, RTOs can capitalize on their teams and their projects to find a tailored response to a specific issue matching your budget, your schedule and your objectives. Calling on the services of an RTO is an effective solution that will allow you to increase your return on investment.


Why choose to work with a SRC?

Thanks to the investment of their own capital, SRCs offer the best of tailor-made technology. With a dual role in research and industry, they guarantee perfect understanding of your industrial issues, regardless of your sector of application. SRCs have an obligation of best efforts and results to find the solution adapted to your specifications and directly applicable to the market.