Are you a start-up, a SME, an intermediate-sized enterprise, a major group, a research institute or even a community? Do you have an innovative project, a technological issue? Are you seeking to increase your competitiveness and productivity?

The ASRC will provide you with support through the various stages of your project.

The ASRC will help you choose the right people to work with. In the strictest confidentiality, the ASRC puts you in contact with the ASRC member best suited to providing you with the scientific and technological expertise you need.

The ASRC maintains close links between its members in order to:

  • Provide companies with easier access to innovation
  • Promote cross-fertilization
  • Promote technology transfers
  • Initiate partnerships between sectors of excellence and companies


Industrial Property

The ASRC helps you protect the fruit of your labor.

Thanks to its privileged partnership with the INPI, the ASRC provides companies who are SRC customers personalized access to their range of services.


Enhancing patent potential

In an economic context in which innovation is more than ever an essential lever of competitiveness, companies – especially SMEs and intermediate-sized enterprises – need to be able to rely on partners capable of offering them innovative technology and accompanying them in carrying out their research and innovation projects.

The ASRC, alongside the SATT Conectus Alsace, does its utmost so that technology developed by public research organizations achieves readiness. The partnership agreement signed with the SATT Conectus Alsace, Ile-de-France Innov and Ouest Valorisation has strengthened the possibilities of exchange between public research and industry, and represents a powerful lever of competitiveness and growth for French companies.


Internationalizing your project

The ASRC is the National Point of Contact for SMEs within the European Commission’s Framework Program for Research and Technological Development. The program, called Horizon 2020 spanning from 2014 to 2020, offers opportunities for developing internationally, thanks to substantial support to innovation and research activities.