• RESCOLL is a research company specialized in the study of innovative industrial applications of polymer-based materials (composites, resins, ink, varnish, adhesives…) and associated fields of activity such as bonded assembly, burning behaviour and preparation of environment-friendly surface coatings.

In its field of expertise, RESCOLL performs several different types of activity:

  • Analysis, testing and characterization of materials and products, providing key input in technical evaluation programmes for new legislation (e.g. REACH, GHS, COV, Formol, Phtalates…)
  • Innovation studies, either working directly with companies (B2B) or within the framework of multipartner projects (European initiatives, competitiveness clusters, project bids…)
  • In-company and inter-company training
  • Certifications ISO 17-025 for « Tests on plastic and composite materials » by COFRAC – NADCAP for « Non Metallic Materials Tests » – EWF for DIN D-6701

Certifications and agreements

  • ISO 17-025 « Essais sur plastiques et composites » pas le COFRAC
  • NADCAP « Non Metallic Materials Tests »
  • EWF on DIN D-6701
  • Crédit Impôt Recherche
  • Catégorie: ASRC member
  • Sectors of application: Chemistry - Building, Public Works - Wood, Furniture - Electronics, Telecommunications - Energy - Environment - Materials - Mechanical engineering - Paper, Cardboard - Aeronautics, Spacial, Defense - Textiles, Clothing, Leather, Arts, Luxury goods - Transports - Health, Pharmaceuticals, - Bio-industry, Cosmetics
  • Services provided: Characterization, trials, tests, control, formulation - Consulting, expertise, training - Research and development

About Rescoll

– Studies and services in a wide range of industrial areas: Aerospace & Defence (> 50%), Biomaterials,
Mechanical Engineering, Transport, Nuclear, Construction…
– Over 500 clients in Europe
– Winner of several professional awards (Engineer of the Year, Young Innovative Enterprises growth prize, Potier
prize for « Chemistry for the Environment »…)

concrete examples of applications

– INDAR process for disassembling bonded structures. Currently applied in the field of space exploration (GAIA satellite tests) with validation ongoing for the automotive sector
– PANIPLAST process: synthesis and formulation of electrically-conductive polymers. Currently undergoing tests in the construction industry for Joule effect heat applications or for electrostatic removal of paint and gel-coats.
– Several studies ongoing for French competitiveness clusters (SMILE, AEROCONF, HOBBIT, SWC…), European projects (POLYZION, NEWBONE…) and several tender programmes (H2E, COMBIPOL-2…).