PROTIAL is an industrial R&D service provider, creating, developing and producing food products for its clients. Our four main focuses of know-how are as follows:

  • creativity: culinary, technical, concept
  • innovation: territory, trends, modelling
  • R & D: process monitoring, formulation, technology
  • industrial transfer: production launch, training.

Thanks to the multidisciplinary input of its team members (a vast range of scientific culinary and industrial experience), PROTIAL is able to provide a comprehensive, cross-channel solution covering innovation marketing, culinary art processes, nutrition, bio chemicals, legislation and industrial property.


  • Catégorie: ASRC member
  • Sectors of application: Agriculture and Food Industry - Health, Pharmaceuticals, Bio-industry, Cosmetics
  • Services provided: Characterization, trials, tests, control, formulation - Prototyping, pilot lots, industrialization - Research and development - Consulting, expertise, training

About Protial

PROTIAL’s main applications involve the creation of new food product concepts, the development (or enhancement) of recipes and processes and the industrial implementation of such concepts, recipes and processes.
These applications concern all sectors of the food industry: meat and specialised pork products, fish and seafood, fruits and vegetables, milk and dairy products, vegetable protein and cereals, delicatessen products, bread and pastries, cheese and cheese-based products.

Concrete examples of applications

– Development of fruit-based products with a «dairy» texture
– Development of «food» textures for use in the cosmetics industry
– Identification, conceptualization and development of new products compliant with P.N.N.S., organic and R.H.F.
– Research into new food applications of a specific functional ingredient
– Development of a new, hypoprotein, cheeselike product that can be kept at room temperature
– Development of specific solutions aimed at controlling «barrier» effects and reducing humidity transfer during product storage
– Development of microwaveable pasteurized vegetable pasta.