Irepa Laser

Irepa Laser


Laser material processing for industrial applications.


  • Certification ISO 9001
  • Centre de Ressources Technologiques label
  • Catégorie: ASRC member
  • Sectors of application: Energy - Mechanical engineering - Materials - Aeronautics, Spacial, Defense - Transports - Agriculture and Food Industry - Packaging, Printing, Publishing - Health, Pharmaceuticals, Bio-industry, Cosmetics - Textiles, Clothing, Leather, Arts, Luxury goods
  • Services provided: Characterization, trials, tests, control, formulation - Prototyping, pilot lots, industrialization - Consulting, expertise, training - Research and development

About Irepa Laser

Metallic and plastic welding, direct manufacturing, marking, surface treatments (cladding, cleaning and surface preparation).

Concrete examples of applications

– Aerospace: welding of structural aluminium elements, repair of engine elements, development programme for direct manufacture of working parts using CLAD® technology (French acronym for ‘Construction Laser Additive Directe’ – direct additive manufacturing by laser).
– Structural lightening: manufacture of polymer honeycombs using laser welding
– Rail: hybrid welding of carriage elements
– AgriFood: manufacture of laser-welded heating plates
– Glass: mould cleaning and repairing.