Danielson engineering

Danielson Engineering


  • Engineering: project management and follow-up, engine and mechanical assembly design
  • Computing department: mechanics, aerodynamics, dynamic modelling, thermomechanical calculations, specific model development
  • Light alloy foundry: aluminium, magnesium, rapid prototyping
  • Machining workshop: 5-axis machining center, grinding, turning, assembly
  • Test center: vehicle mock-up and conversion, engine tests benches and component test benches, with assembly units
  • Chassis: vehicle transformation, show cars.


  • ISO 9001/2008
  • Crédit Impôt Recherche


  • Catégorie: ASRC member
  • Sectors of application: Transports - Aeronautics, Spacial, Defense - Mechanical Engineering - Energy
  • Services provided: Characterization, trials, tests, control, formulation - Prototyping, pilot lots, industrialization - Research and development


About Danielson Engineering

Danielson Engineering is specialized in the design, manufacture and development of demonstrator prototypes for validating new engine concepts for car and automotive equipment manufacturers.
The company possesses all the expertise and latest facilities required for the study and validation of new concepts: e.g. design, computation, light-alloy foundry, manufacture of complex parts, validation tests…
Its fully-integrated approach enables the company to manage technically ambitious projects within short lead times and in full compliance with individual project cost constraints.

Concrete examples of applications

– Design, manufacture and development of a variable compression ratio engine
– Design, manufacture and development of a diesel engine for aeronautical use
– Design, manufacture and development of new engine concepts
– Provision of complex prototype parts within short time frames.