Coating Plasma Industrie

Coating Plasma Industrie


The activities of CPI cover the industrial development and marketing of cold plasma surface treatment technologies at atmospheric pressure and in vacuum conditions: activation, chemical functionalization and thin film deposition by PECVD.

CPI provides its plasma services in the form of R&D agreements, demonstrations,feasibility studies and sub-contractor agreements.

Its primary field of speciality involves the design and industrial application of customized plasma processes in line with client specifications.

The company also assembles reactors to match client’s specifications.


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  • Catégorie: ASRC member
  • Sectors of application: Chemistry - Materials - Health, Pharmaceuticals, Bio-industry, Cosmetics - Textile, Clothing, Leather - Arts, Luxury goods - Packaging, Printing, Publishing
  • Services provided: Characterization, trials, tests, control, formulation - Prototyping, pilot lots, industrialization - Consulting, expertise, training - Research and development

More information about Coating Plasma Industrie

Modification of material surface properties: polymer films, 3D objects, powders for use in drug packaging, foods, avionics and biomaterials. Fields of application include adhesives, bonding, printing, protective / release / repositionable film, adhesive labels, anti-fogging treatments and gas / oxygen / steam barriers.

Concrete examples of applications

– Permanent (>6 months) increase in surface energy (60 to 72 mN/m) for adhesive, bonding, metallization and printing applications by polymer film functionalization at atmospheric pressure: PP, PE, PET, PTFE, metallic films
– Deposit of organo-siliceous layers on polymer films at atmospheric pressure in order to provide slide and antifog properties
– Biocompatible treatments of intra-occular implants and slide treatment of implant injector cannula
– Treatment of polymer powders to improve cohesion and copolymer barrier effect.