• Vehicles: Design / Study / Development / Production of innovative prototypes and components
  • Software simulation development
  • Expertise in vehicle dynamics


  • Jeune Entreprise Innovante
  • Crédit impôt recherche
  • Catégorie: ASRC member
  • Sectors of application: Transports - Energy - Mechanical engineering - Environment - Aeronautics, Spacial, Defense
  • Services provided: Consulting, expertise, training - Prototyping, pilot lots, industrialization Research and development

More information about CAR&D

– Concept of innovative carbon-free vehicles: creativity, feasibility analysis
– Carbon-free demonstrators and vehicles: study and development
– Prototype construction, trials and adjustment.

Concrete examples of applications

– Feasibility study through simulation of articulated, multi-carriage buses
– High-performance suspension study for an all-terrain military vehicle
– Research programme using a high-yield tracer vehicle to assess road-holding and driving performance, risk assessment under different atmospheric conditions
– Design, study & development of a leaning electric Quadricycle for urban use (French environment agency – ADEME – research fund for low GG emission vehicles)
– Design and production of an award-winning hybrid electric urban vehicle: winner of the Lépine innovation competition and 1st prize awarded by Chamber of Commerce & Industry
– Vehicle automation.