• Microencapsulation : Development of customized solutions facilitating and optimizing the implementation and performance of ingredients and active compounds via microencapsulation; Cross-disciplinary support in the development of products or processes based on microencapsulation, from proof of concept through to the industrialization stage: Design innovative solutions and feasibility studies, Solve encapsulation issues, Conduct scaling-up studies and pilot-scale evaluations, Provide support for industrialization.
  • Wide range of technological expertise: Technologies based on dripping, emulsion, and coating (fluidized air bed)
  • Bioencapsulation: Use of biopolymers; Absence of organic solvents and toxic cross-linking agents in the processes developed; «Biocompatible» and «Green» processes


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  • Catégorie: ASRC member
  • Sectors of application: Agriculture and Food Industry - Building, Public Works - Chemistry - Packaging, Printing, Publishing - Environment - Materials - Health, Pharmaceuticals, Bio-industry, Cosmetics Textiles, Clothing, Leather, Arts, Luxury goods
  • Services provided: Characterization, trials, tests, control, formulation - Consulting, expertise, training Prototyping, pilot lots, industrialization - Research and development

En savoir plus sur Capsulae

– Food and nutrition: Stabilization of sensitive ingredients during the food incorporation process and subsequent storage; taste and odor masking; controlled/delayed release
– Animal Feed and Health: Appetite improvement; Thermal protection during pelletizing; Veterinary formulas;
Vaccines; Artificial insemination
– Agriculture and Environment: Improvement of crop protection products by optimizing the biological profile
of the active compounds, decreasing product dose, and improving applicability
– Home and Personal Care: Trapping volatile compounds; Stabilization and sustained release of active
substances; Association of incompatible ingredients; marketing differentiation
– Fine and Specialty Chemicals: Implementation of self-healing materials, phase-change materials; Formulation of adhesives, paints, additives for construction materials.

Concrete examples of applications

– Formulation of nitrogen-fixing bacteria used in association with nitrogen-based fertilizers in agriculture.
– Development of a setting agent with delayed onset in the field of additives for concrete.
– Development of new composite materials, for safety helmets and boat hulls, which enable visual detection of impacts and have self-healing properties.
– Development of a technique for encapsulating fish oil to be incorporated in consumer food products.
– Development of a technique for encapsulating semen to perform artificial insemination more easily in livestock.