CFD Numerics

CFD Numerics


  • 3D-numerical simulations in combustion, thermal and fluid mechanics (CFD)
  • Mono- and multi-phase flows
  • Stationary or transient regimes
  • Heat transfer by convection, conduction and radiation
  • Tracking of thermal effects in solids
  • Integration of specific models (fluid behavior laws, coupling between 1D/3D simulations, etc.)
  • Development of calculation chains (from CAD to result) with validation of simulation methods
  • Set-up of optimization methodology
  • Development of methods for quantifying uncertainty in CFD.
  • Cat├ęgorie: ASRC member
  • Sectors of application: Agriculture and Food Industry - Aeronautics, Spatial, Defense - Building, Public Works - Chemistry - Packaging, Printing, Publishing - Electronics, Telecommunications - Energy - Transports - Environment - Mechanical engineering - Health, Pharmaceuticals, Bioindustry, Cosmetics
  • Services provided: Consulting, expertise, training - Research and development

More information about CFD Numerics

– Simulation of products in operation (Installation studies of AdBlue injector on exhaust line, impact of wave on offshore structure, automobile and aerospace combustion engines, etc.) and modeling manufacturing processes (heat and maintain component at temperature in furnace, dimension rinsing tank, etc.)
– Understand, analyze and make proposals for enhancement and optimization of products and processes.

Concrete examples of applications

– Installation of AdBlue injector on exhaust line
– CFD simulation of wave efforts on offshore structure
– Simulation of comfort in 400-person modular room
– Creation of parametric CAO/CFD model of rinsing tank
– Estimation and optimization of ductwork ventilation
– Simulations of laboratory electrolyzer to validate numerical model
– Simulation of U-tube exchanger with insert plates
– Simulations of shaping process for tank
– Simulation of aeronautical combustion chamber
– Simulation of flows in pumps
– Simulation of flows in levitation furnace
– Modeling of interdisc cavities of aircraft engine compressors
– Ventilation in a furnace.